DIY No Sew Fleece Nap Mat Cover

Let me say this simply…the last couple days I have been struck with a case of “mommy meltdowns.” One minute I am fine and the next minute I look around at all the home projects piling up and I start to weep. Any other moms suffer from this?!? My car is a victim of post road trip nastiness. The garage/art studio has turned into a junk yard. Our landscaping is so overgrown it looks like a Bengal tiger should be pouncing out at any moment. The list goes on and on. My kids can help with some of the chores but honestly sometimes it just makes more work for me when they “help.” I keep reminding myself that school starts very VERY soon. Within the next couple of weeks all THREE of my kids will be going off to school. Yes, that is correct. I said all THREE kids. Whoop, whoop! I have graduated to a new stage of motherhood. Sawyer’s preschool is only for 10 hours a week, BUT that is 10 hours a week to check things off my to-do list…KID FREE.
I am channeling my focus on back-to-school prep and choosing to ignore my home “to-do” list until my new-found freedom arrives. So with that being said, I decided to make Sawyer a DIY no-sew nap mat cover for preschool this morning. This was a project that I could get done with the “help” of my kids…and let’s just say I had A LOT of help. We ventured out to JoAnns to pick out all of our supplies.  There was no shortage of no-sew fleece! The options were endless.  Sweet Sawyer was so excited with her choice of Frozen themed fleece.  Her joy made me smile.

Can you cut? Can you tie a knot? If so, you qualify to make a no-sew nap mat cover!


-1 nap mat  (I bought mine at Target)

-1.5 yards (length) of no-sew fleece to be used for the front and back of the nap mat. (JoAnns had a great selection).

-1 yard (length)of no sew fleece to be used for the blanket.



1. Cut the 1.5 yards of fleece into two equal sections.  Stack on top of one another.

2. Lay nap mat on top of the stacked fleece. Trim fleece so there is 4 to 5 inches of fleece bordering the mat.

3. Place nap mat in between to two layers of fleece. Cut 1″ fringe, 4 to 5 inches deep, all around the stacked fleece except for the top part. Cut corners out.

4. Tie the top piece of fringe and bottom piece of fringe together along the length of the sides and bottom.

*Ignore the top of my mat.  I didn’t trim it before I took the picture. However, this picture shows what the sides and bottom should look like once tied. I guess I am my own rule breaker.

5. At the top of the mat, cut the top piece of fleece straight across. Do NOT cut the bottom piece.

6. Tuck the bottom piece over the nap mat and under the top piece of fleece. This step is to make it easy to slid the mat out for when the cover needs to be washed.img_5106-3


7. Poke the fringe out of the side knots and tie to a piece of fringes.  Do this on both sides of the mat. The cover is finished!img_5107

8. Flip the nap mat over so the bottom piece of fleece is now on the top.

9. Lay the remaining 1 yard of fleece on top of the covered nap mat. Leave 4 to 5 inches of fleece hanging off on one side and the bottom. On the other side of the nap map, trim the remaining fleece so that 6-12 inches are left.

10. Cut 1″ fringe along the side and bottom 4 to 5 inches deep. Cut the corner out.  You only need to fringe the bottom part until you reach the end of the covered nap mat.  Once you reach that point, cut the fleece as if you are cutting out a corner. See picture.

11. Tie the “blanket” fleece fringe along the one side and bottom to the nap mat cover’s fringe to attach the blanket. See picture in step 4.

12. Covered nap mat COMPLETE. ✔️ Good job!

I think it’s safe to say that Sawyer LOVES her new nap mat.  Hopefully she will be a good napper at school.

As for now, my case of “mommy meltdowns” has subsided. My to-do list CAN wait until the kids are back to school. Until then, I will wear pretend blinders while in my post-roadtrip car, junk yard garage, or jungle-like front yard and hope that no tiger pounces at me.tiger-in-the-grass-jane-schnetlage





Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

*This post is for mommas who are looking for ways to reward their kids for good and helpful behavior.
Larson got a marble in his jar!!

What’s a “Marble in a Jar,” you ask?
It’s the reward/discipline system I use for our kids and they LOVE it. It’s amazing how powerful a bag of @dollartree marbles can be for motivating these kids!
How it works-

1. Each kid gets two jars. I recommend two different shaped jars so they know the difference between the two. I have found it helpful to write my kids’ name on their jars so they don’t get mixed up.

2. Fill one of each kids’ jar with 50 marbles. This jar will serve as the ‘bank.’

3. For every good, positive, helpful deed they do, they can earn one marble to put in their ‘earned’ jar.

4. Marbles can be taken away and put back into the ‘bank’ for disrespectful, rude, or negative behavior. (The kids do NOT like when they lose a marble!)

5. Once all 50 marbles are moved from the ‘bank’ to the ‘earned’ jar, I give my kids a $5 bill. So, each of the 50 marbles equals $.10 each.

6. When the kids have earned their $5, simply transfer the marbles back to the ‘bank’ from the ‘earned’ jar and start over.

What you will need:
– 2 jars for each kid. I recommend transparent jars so it is easy for the kids to see their progress. Glass jars look nice and can pass as home decor.

– 50 marbles for each kid

– Dry erase or permanent marker to write their names on the jars.

– $5 bills

How to give yourself a Mommy Make-Under

Have you ever wondered how some women, especially moms, have superhero powers that can transform them from one of class and sophistication into washed-up old hags in minutes?  Like Superman ripping off his reporters’ suit and nerdy glasses to reveal the superhero he truly is underneath, I also have such mystical powers to alter other people’s perceptions of who I can appear to be 2% of the time (classy and sophisticated) into who I truly am 98% of the time (a repulsive-looking soccer mom).  There’s no need to search Google and Pinterest for days on the best how-to practices for achieving this eye-popping, unicorn-esque look where people can’t stop staring at you. I, Sarah Mabry, am here to personally teach YOU how to accomplish this one of kind look through my patented 13½ step process designed to give yourself what I call the “Mommy Make-Under.”

The biggest misconception of the Mommy Make-Under is that it’s only for ladies with kids.  Boy, do I have great news for you!  Anyone, even YOU, college sorority girl, registered nurse, administrative assistant, and grandma, can sport this all too trendy look that’s sweeping the suburbs.  Now don’t get discouraged if after following these simple 13½ steps you don’t look like you got hit by a train like I do, as results will vary.  The main thing is that you take it one step at a time, as my Mommy Make-Under program is delicately designed to build from one step to the next.  I’m only offering these closely guarded secrets for free here exclusively on for a limited time until my self-published book is released this summer.  One final recommendation before we get stated: I highly recommend that you document yourself at the beginning of Step One.  I also recommend you contact your dentist because there’s a good chance no one will be able to identify you when you get to Step 13½ without dental records.  Grab a cocktail and some bonbons because here we go!

Step 1:

Actually take a shower, wash your face, shave, floss, brush your teeth, clean your ears, moisturize your skin, pluck your eyebrows, apply make up, dry and style your hair, and dress in a cute outfit, being sure to accessorize with jewelry.

Step 2: 

Snap that selfie, you animal!  Remember, there’s a good chance you won’t look (or smell) like this again for years.


Step 3:

Not going to lie, this step takes commitment.  Don’t do ANY of the things outlined in Step 1 for a minimum of four days.

Step 4:

Allow those nice greasy layers of “Crisco Glow,” as I call them to accumulate on your hair, which is mandatory for the messy mommy-tail (or ponytail) outlined in Step 9.

Step 5: 

Through years of well-documented scientific testing** I found that leg hair length at day four of the Mommy Make-Under process has the perfect amount of prickliness to them.  It’s not too short, not too long, but just right.  My testing also revealed that eyebrow bushiness after four days of not being plucked take on that perfect, organic contour we’re all after.  In case you missed it: shaving and plucking are No-No’s.

** The only animals harmed during testing were groundhogs. CLICK HERE to see the video of the effects testing had on them.


Step 6:

This is where the effects of the Make-Under really start to gel.  Take off that precious jewelry you got as a gift from your significant other or passed down from your grandma; you won’t be needing it where you’re going.  Where are you going, you ask?  Well, you’re going to be busy playing football, house, basketball, dolls, wrestling, dress up, sword fighting, watching the same movie 20 times in a row, cooking, cleaning, scrapping kids’ boogers off of faces (your kids’ faces and your own face), cutting gum out of hair, and the endless job of cleaning poop off of every imaginable body part and household surface you can think of…and a handful you never knew existed.  Additionally, jewelry serves as a choking hazard; it will get tugged on during these events causing chains to snap, beads to spill, and diamonds to chip (which actually happened to my diamond).  It’s not worth the risk.  So lose the jewelry, little miss Cinderella wannabe!


Step 7:

By now you’re probably starting to realize you can stop trying to look put-together.  You know those expensive, fitted outfits you spent your spouses’ Father’s Day money on in retaliation for getting pee in your mouth when changing your son’s diaper that your husband was supposed to change but didn’t because he was “watching the most important football game of the year?”  Throw them in that heap on your floor of your bedroom that won’t be tended to for at least two more weeks and slip into something a little more comfy and realistic.

Step 8:

Instead of “big people” clothes, I recommend a soft, CapriSun-stained tattered cotton shirt and a cozy pair of over-sized sweatpants with crusty spit up stains.  Do it quickly because you’re needed immediately in the kitchen to prepare the fourth freaking snack of the morning for your ungrateful snots, I mean perfect angels,  Make sure your brats, I mean precious mini-me’s, dangle from your shirttail with their sticky, grubby paws.  For you vintage enthusiasts out there, this enhances that distressed princess look.


Step 9:

Quickly flop that Crisco-glowing messy mommy-tail (or bun if you prefer) that we started working on days ago somewhere on your head.  By this time your hair is guaranteed to have baby food and other unidentifiable objects strung throughout.

Step 10:

Gingerly attempt to finger comb through the gunk to secure your messy mommy-tail for a highly personalized look.  To perfect it, make sure there are plenty of lumps and randomly placed Bobbi-pins to hold back any loose clumps.


Step 11:

Take your make up off!  Wait till most of your make up is under your eyes  before you remove all of it.This helps to polish the exhausted mom look.  Good job.  You’re almost done.

Step 12:

Feverishly wrestle your expensive glasses from your little Gremlins.  Now the lenses should be nice and blurry.  Who needs to see?  You couldn’t see even if you wanted to from the delirium of the day that never ends.  Put them on anyway so you feel like you’re at least trying to see (and care) what’s going on at this point.  The permanently crooked frames are a perfect match for your ever-digressing ensemble that has now become your staple look.

Step 13:

Hold on to your newly broken glasses because this step is where the Mommy Make-Under crescendos with the addition of the always stylish baby wrap.  A Bjorn or hiking backpack are acceptable forms of touting your screaming, teething baby around the house. makeunder

Step 13½:

Buy the book!  Don’t delay because the first 2 people to pre-order my book will receive a free used rancid smelling, unraveling, crusty baby wrap.

Well, there’s actually not a book.  Maybe I’ll make a DVD series instead.  But seriously, this blog is for entertainment purposes only so don’t anticipate an actual book on this subject…like…ever.

Voila!  There you have it.  Congrats on your new look.  I knew you could pull it off.  With a little TLC you should be able to foster this trendy style for years to come.  Be sure to post your selfies of your best attempt at a Mommy Make-Under to the Mabry Living Facebook page.  The winner will receive a free book.

*If you are you not happy with these results, you can follow my son’s instructions on how to do the proper Mommy Makeover.

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Elvis didn’t survive this, but my marriage has

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping back by my online home.

As you may have read in a few of my recent posts, I have been lucky enough to have been given true gifts of love by my husband of 10 years and our three kids.  The first was winning an unforgettable mommy makeover from Extreme Makeover: Mabry Edition.  The second was being treated like a Princess for a Day when my son asked to take me on a date to the mall where I had to dress up like Elsa from Frozen and he dressed up like Superman.  Both were super special to me so I thought it would only be right to pay it forward and let my husband, John, be THE KING for Valentine’s Day this year.  I can’t wait to reveal the details and photos of our oddest celebration yet, which involves John dressed as Elvis, Costco and 4 lbs of king crab legs.  But before I do, let me explain how my marriage has barely survived and how I’ve come to truly LOVE this holiday.

To me, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays for several simple reasons that most people, maybe even yourself, never fully grasp in their lifetime. But see, I look at life totally different from most; almost backwards in a way.  The way I see it is that LOVE is probably the most highly demanded commodity on the planet.  And the nifty thing I’ve discovered is that it’s absolutely FREE!  It doesn’t cost anything to give your spouse or loved ones a compliment, a hug, or simply to look them in the eye when you’re together instead of your TV or smartphone.

So why is Valentine’s Day so special to me? By every “normal” person’s standard – or the world’s standard for that matter – I should not still be married.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but there were several years I thought John and I might not ever celebrate Valentine’s Day together again because of our rock and roll marriage.  After stumbling down several rocky paths, we both hit our rock bottoms.  Luckily, God’s gracious hand kept the door from shutting completely.  We have both fought hard to overcome these obstacles so it is an honor that we can celebrate our love for one another once again on February 14, 2015. That is why today I am so adamant about giving this day the respect it deserves.

Blue Suede ShoesLike Elvis, John has struggled for over a decade with alcohol and prescription drug abuse due to several traumatic events that occurred in his life.  Along with the substance abuse came lies making it hard for me to trust him and left me “All Shook Up.”  Truth be told, there have been plenty of days where I thought, “He Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog,” due to some of the stunts he pulled.  I figured that he would be dancing himself right into the “Jailhouse Rock” in his “Blue Suede Shoes” while I moved out and sobbed my way to the “Heartbreak Hotel.”  I don’t know if you know anyone who has suffered from alcoholism or addiction, but it is a relentless disease. It can fade into the background for a while but sneak back up on you in the blink of an eye. By the grace of God, he never ended up in jail but the ongoing rhythm and blues of addiction was an all too common reoccurring theme in our home.

I still struggle daily with my “Suspicious Mind” and often find myself wondering if the demon-ridden addiction has entered back into our home without me knowing.  After the last few relapses I would let him know that “It’s Now or Never” to get his addiction under control before he was living by himself in a sober living facility.  Unfortunately, it got to that point and we separated…while I was pregnant. Elvis had left the building.  We might not have lived together for several months but we still saw each other and talked several times a day.  As we lay in our separate beds at night and talked on the phone we would both usually ask, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”  The answer was usually a yes.  Since he moved back home we have both made the choice to pour our “Heart and Soul” into our marriage while focusing on the positive blessings and not the negative curses.

Rear view mirror

Anyways…the point of Mabry Living isn’t to stare at our past in the rear-view mirror of Elvis’ “Pink Cadillac.”  Our primary focus is on the present moment and having a positive outlook on the future.  Although we’ve had our share of marriage mishaps, my cup is over flowing for my Hunk-a-Hunk-a Burnin Love this year as we gratefully celebrate another Valentine’s Day together.  OK, so enough of this sappy stuff. Let’s have some fun and see how this year’s unforgettable V-Day extravaganza unfolded…

The day started out with me giving THE KING his gift.  Although this particular gift wasn’t free I knew it was something extra special that would catch John off-guard.  I mean, what better way to say “I love you” than with a random gift of a wig, for THE KING.  As I suspected, John loved his new gift.

Elvis Wig

In keeping with our annual V-Day tradition of cooking crabs legs and watching a movie at home, John THE KING had to go to Costco to buy crab legs.  He decided it would be a great idea to wear the wig while shopping.  Let’s just say he looked more like a Las Vegas performer than a father of three kids buying fresh seafood for a romantic dinner with me.  Seeing a one-legged Elvis buying crab legs at Costco made me think, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”  Seriously, how could I possibly resist that!IMG_3167

Even Sawyer couldn’t figure out why her dad was wearing a wig (check out her face).  Honestly, Sawyer, there is absolutely no good reason.  It’s just your dad being dad.

Check out Sawyer. She's wigging out

Have you ever seen the email forwards titled, “People of Walmart?”  Well, we might have just started the Costco Crazies and THE KING will be the first one. I think it will be a hit. Look, people were lining up to take pictures with him.


Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected Elvis to buy ME Costco flowers for Valentine’s Day with his precious  entourage.  One of his peeps, my sweet Austin, might have been too busy eating a Styrofoam cup to help select the perfect bouquet. Austin may have earned a spot as the second Costco Crazy.

 IMG_3183  Flower from Costco

John cooking is always an event in our home, but THE KING took it to a whole new level.

Elvis Cooking Crabs

I was starving after getting the kids to bed and started feeling crabby. So I told Elvis, “A Little Less Conversation,” so we could finally sit down to eat while watching our movie fireside.  We ended up watching the Academy Award nominated film, Boyhood. Then John noticed something lodged in my teeth. He said, “Hey babe, you’ve got some crab meat “Stuck on You.” Luckily I had a toothpick handy.  I’m so grateful for being able to spend another Valentine’s Day with John.  I don’t think we’ll forget this one anytime soon.

Feeling Crabby

Considering all we’ve been through I believe we have arrived to our own personal Graceland, at least for today.  Marriage isn’t easy. I have gotten furious at GOD often for continuously giving me signs as why I should stay in our marriage when I really wanted to call it quits.  However, I trust that the best is yet to come for the Mabry family if we can continue to put LOVE for God and our marriage above the distractions of the world.  “How Great Thou Art!”

Have you experienced any marriage-threatening events and wonder how you’re ever going to get through it? If so, you’re not alone. Finding support through trusted family members, a counselor, your church or this forum can help you get though it one day at a time. I would love to hear from you in the comments section below if you’re willing to share.

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A Mom dresses like Elsa to teach son not to give a poop what other people think

There is a highlight video at the end of this blog you probably don’t want to miss. But we don’t give a poop if you watch it or not. 

I previously blogged about trying to discover my inner “Selfish Sarah” since there isn’t much time for myself as a working/stay-at-home mom of three little kids. Most of my time is spent serving others (which I love) but sometimes I dream of escaping the ongoing demands and pampering myself. I already hired a Glam Squad to give me a Mommy Makeover. Now I would like for a prince to come sweep me off my feet and treat me like a princess for a day. It just so happens that such an opportunity arose. It involves potty training and me dressing up like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen to be paraded around the mall by none other than Superman himself. What ever you do, don’t stop reading now. It’s about to get real interesting. Here’s how it all unfolded…underpants head

Once upon a time, there was a very special man in my life who was working harder than ever to achieve the greatest milestone in his life. He had to push himself to the limits. After years of work he was able to flush out the fears that plagued him since childhood to become a new person; the kind of guy I always knew he could be. Now most of you probably assume I am talking about my husband, John. You might also assume I’m talking about his dream of writing a book, doing mission work in a third world country or creating a more advanced prosthetic for amputees. Well, you’re wrong. Who I’m really taking about my #2 man, my son, Austin and his four year journey to achieve potty training proficiency.

This life-altering odyssey has been YEARS in the making. Austin finally decided to make an honest attempt to take care of his business. But every time he sat on the royal throne he would become FROZEN. Although I couldn’t always smell change in the air, I have stood by his side since the beginning of this torturous journey. There were countless times when my potty mouth wanted to consume me. But I didn’t let these dirty words get the best of me. Instead, I would cry out to Austin, “LET IT GO, let it go, don’t hold it back anymore!” I offered all sorts of bribery to help encourage him to move closer to wiping away all the obstacles blocking him from his doody. His head just seemed backed up with fear. NOTHING was working!

Then one day the blockage gave way. Austin looked up at me with his big blue eyes while sitting on his porcelain La-Z-Boy and said, “Mommy, when I am potty trained I want you to dress up like Elsa and I want to go on a date with you to the mall.  Also, I want to dress up like Superman so I can keep you safe.”  Ah HA!  Finally, I had bribery that would work!  I had been so desperate to find some sort of motivation that I reached a point where I would do anything for TRUE LOVE potty training mastery.


The day had finally arrived when my Superman-Charming was ready to sweep me off my feet. I anxiously transformed from the rarely-appreciated, under-rested and over-stressed mom that I am into a real life Elsa. My chariot, I mean Buick SUV, sat ready to gallantly transport us from our house in the suburbs to the most magical place little Austin’s mind could imagine – the Cool Springs Galleria Mall. I wasn’t quite done morphing into a princess but when you gotta go, you gotta go!  So we loaded up the carriage to head to our royally planned event.

The chariot wasn’t quite what I expected. It wasn’t the sparkling white horse-drawn carriage I had envisioned in my dreams since I was little girl. It wasn’t encrusted with priceless jewels or encircled with fairy dust. Instead, it had a pungent mysterious smelling odor that royally stunk. The unforgettable decor included carpet that was shellacked with fish of gold (a.k.a. Goldfish) and fingerprint art smudged all over the windows. These are details I hadn’t noticed in the Disney movies before but it was all coming to life in my own personal mommy tale.

When we arrived at the ball, I mean mall, I was escorted by my Superman-Charming, through the food court entrance. It was such an honor to hold his hand as we headed to our first stop, the mall playground.


Austin took me for a thrill ride on his reindeer, Sven, and his police motorcycle. I have to say I had never been more scared. I almost pooped my pants! Thank goodness for Superman’s bulging muscles to comfort me.

IMG_3086      IMG_3078

Then we headed over to Payless, because that’s where Cinderella supposedly gets her shoes, to see if the glass slipper fit.  Sure enough it did!  I knew in that moment that Austin was my knight in shining armor a Superman muscle max costume.IMG_3096As we continued gliding through the mall we came upon something that caught our attention!  It was me. So we had to stop and take a picture. I don’t remember posing with Anna but I am guessing it was back in the day when I used to bleach my hair with a bunch of Sun-In and before I had three kids because my waist is oddly small in this poster compared to the size of my head. 


Next we danced into Hallmark where Superman Austin got down on one knee and asked if I would accept his chocolate rose. Being The Bachelor fan that I am, I gladly accepted the rose. I just told him that I get to pick what we do on our next date.


While at Hallmark, I found a book about myself that I just couldn’t put down. I kept reading hoping that I would get to the point in the story line where I meet my prince charming, but I knew I wouldn’t find that out til Chapter 3, thanks to my friend Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We didn’t have enough time for me to read that much because we were getting hungry. We raced to the food court and got the runs hoping to get there faster.


On our way to our fine dining experience, we made a quick stop at Build-A-Bear so I could get Austin a little gift from Elsa. Lately, we have continuously seen the Build-A-Bear commercial that shows bears repeatedly saying, “I love you, I love you” and I thought that would be the perfect gift to put into his best friend, Super Bear.  While we were there, I noticed that they even had an Elsa bear! IMG_3108

We treated ourselves to a fancy Italian dish from Sbarros Pizza. My heart was melting as we sat upon our stools slurping spaghetti noodles from the same bowl and gazing into each others eyes like in Lady and the Tramp. So romantic!


Our date wrapped up with a trip to his workplace so he could take care of some lingering business before our carriage came to pick us up and get us home before midnight.IMG_3117

I am so proud of my royal hiney and I had such a great time with him. My greatest hope is that he doesn’t ever dump me.

The moral of this twisted tale that can only come from the minds of the Mabry’s is simple…

Don’t give a poop what other people think!

So many people’s lives are consumed with stress and anxiety about what other people think of them. We work jobs we hate to make enough money to vainly buy houses/cars/clothes we really can’t afford to impress people we don’t like. It is sickening to me to watch so many people stressing themselves to the max just so they can look good to everyone else, when deep down they don’t even like themselves. If each individual spent more time focusing on themselves instead of everyone else, the world would be a much happier place.

Here is the highlight video you probably don’t want to miss. But we don’t give a poop if you watch it or not. 

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The secret to being both SELFISH and SELFLESS

Do you ever find it difficult to carve out time for just yourself in the busyness of life? Do you struggle with constantly giving to those around you and not taking time to care for yourself? I wrestled with this yesterday but found solutions to these problems in unsuspecting places. Keep reading and I will tell you the secret I found.

As a stay-at-home working mom of three kids, it can be very challenging to do anything for myself. So I am putting forth an effort to start a “Selfish Sarah” movement in our home. I know the word selfish usually has a negative connotation to it but I will attempt to prove it to be a positive word in my life and for those around me.untitled

For so long I have allowed myself to be “Selfless Sarah.” My time would be filled taking care of my kids and husband, keeping up the house and running errands. Let’s just say I have VERY little time to take care of myself. I know all you moms out there can relate. ‘Sarah’ was being lost in the mix of “mom” and “wife” and I didn’t like losing my own identity. Please don’t misunderstand, I LOVE being a mom and wife. I just really love who I am as well. I have personal interests outside of doing laundry, fixing meals, dressing four people, making beds, wiping butts, playing with play dough, trimming 40 fingernails and 40 toenails (it’s not fair because John only needs to trim 5 toe nails!), and cleaning 8 ears.

2015 is going to be the year where I try to find “Sarah” again in the mist of the daily chaos. I am hoping that by being more selfish I can be an even better wife and mom to my family and I hope that they notice a positive difference. During this transition I plan on doing more artwork, working out, finding quiet time, dressing up, pampering myself and most importantly listening to my body’s needs.

With that being said, my hair was WAY overdo for a cut. Surprisingly no birds came and nested in my bun since it looks like a nest made up of nice crispy dry straw. All the Mabry men got hair cuts last week, including the dogs, so it was my turn. I decided to call my hair salon early in the morning while I was feeding Sawyer a bottle (Hey, I can still be selfless while being selfish) and made myself an appointment for later that afternoon. That is when I noticed a nice new piece of custom artwork on our walls done by the one and only Austin. He had decided he would draw on the wall by his bed. The insanity never lets up here! Like I was saying, I needed to get out of the house to take care of me.2015/01/img_4317.jpg

I truly enjoyed myself at the salon. My stylist washed and massaged my head while someone else was fixing me a fresh cup of coffee. Ahhhhhh! Finally, I got away. After sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee and having my hair cut and styled all in one sitting, not having to reheat the same cup of coffee 15 times a day like I usually have to do at home, I started to realize how much I value ‘Selfish Sarah’ time.

I lazily strolled to my car to head home. Just as I sat down to put the key in the ignition I received an alarming text from John with this picture attached:


Seriously?!? I leave the house for 1 hour and this happens…REALLY?!?!!! While I was getting pampered Sawyer managed to fall face first onto our pebbled patio. I was flooded with guilt immediately. Situations like this is when I struggle being selfish. I knew there was nothing I could do at that point so I forced myself to take advantage of the time away from home and ran some errands just to buy more time away from the madness that was unfolding at home.

I picked up some nail polish from Walgreens so I could give myself a mani/ pedi and then headed over to Marshalls and T.J. Maxx to hunt for a laundry basket. Let’s just say I found a lot more than just one basket! Home decor is important to me and since I work out of my home as a mom and wellness advocate I might as well make it how I like it, right?


I came home and transformed into mom and wife again. We got the kids fed at exactly 5:55 (an angel number). I believe when I see sequential numbers on things like clocks that they are a sign that angels are with me. We’ve been seeing them a lot lately in our house, too. God’s angels seem to be closer than they usually are, which might explain why some big things have effortlessly fallen into place for us. Anyway, we finally got the brats kids bathed and tucked in bed. At the very end of a long day I felt deflated. I was finishing up some late night laundry before heading to bed. That’s when I found a shiny penny right at the opening of the dryer (another sign of an angel’s presence ). Just seeing that penny lifted my spirits enough to get me into bed knowing that everything is okay. 2015/01/img_4327.pngIMG_4326

I could just complain about my day but I choose to pick out the good things. I don’t want to over look all the hard work the Mabry Men did tonight. They caulked our bathrooms and I believe John thought it was going to be a lot easier than it turned out to be! Seeing the boys bonding with their dad made my heart smile.


As hard as it is to juggle being a mom, wife, and wellness advocate I honestly don’t think I would want it any other way! The secret I find is in paying attention to the daily signs I receive (the 5:55 on the clock and the shinny penny) and trust that I am where I need to be at this moment in life. Most people overlook these brushes with God’s appointed angels because they are too busy looking at the smartphone. Life is sweet…sometimes overwhelming…but I am going to continue to make an effort to pamper ‘Selfish Sarah’ every once in a while so I can be more ‘Selfless Sarah’ for the important people in my life.

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