When life ices you in, make extreme snow cones!

Winter Storm OctaviaWinter Storm Octavia swept over Nashville early last week with deadly results.  Close to 30 deaths from the storm have been reported.  Octavia’s extreme icy cold conditions kept us frozen inside our house for SEVEN straight days together.  Some residents of the Nashville suburbs were able to get out sooner, but not the Mabry’s.  Most families would want to kill each other after coming down with such long bout of Arendelle fever.  But like many seemingly negative situations, we chose to have a different, positive outlook on the situation.  So what do the Mabry’s do when life hands us this much ice?  We chip our way out by hand and make extreme snow cones for the whole neighborhood.

Our house is inconveniently perched on top of a steep neighborhood street, in addition to an inclined driveway that is shaded a majority of the day so the thick sheets of ice kept us on winter lock down for waaaayyy too long.  We felt like we were living in Arendelle from the movie Frozen.  If you haven’t seen my blog where I dressed up like Elsa and walked around the mall with my son dressed up like Superman, you should check it out.

Around day six, John was determined to chip our way to freedom so we could at least run to the store.  Since we are not used to getting this much ice we didn’t have the proper tools so we improvised.  We put our heads together and came up with the most random utensils we could think of to see if John could make it happen.  We tried an ice pick, prosthetic leg, beater, plunger and plastic hammer from the kids game Don’t Break the Ice.

John Mabry Ice    John Mabry plunger

After just a few hours John had not only cleared our driveway, but the entire neighborhood using the plastic hammer, ice pick and plunger.  Who would have thought it would have been so easy!

John Mabry homeJohn Mabry driveway

All of John’s hard work produced over 4 tons of finely chipped ice, the kind that is perfect for snow cones.  So we had an extreme snow cone party in the middle of winter.  I mean, why wouldn’t you?  Here’s Austin loading his third snow cone of the day with his favorite flavors.  He also did a little snow graffiti in the yard.

Snow Graffiti

We hope this gives you some good ideas of how dig your way out of trouble next time you’re iced in your home.  Next time it happens we’re making  extreme iced tea.  Be on the lookout for more Mabry inspired home improvement tips in future posts as part of our Home Improvement series.  You’re welcome, world!

More of a visual learner?  Here’s our professional produced how-to video.  My favorite part is when I slip and fall while trying to film John.

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