Bringing flexy back!

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We just got back on the wagon of working out. I am trying to follow in John’s footsteps. It’s been almost a full two weeks of working out in a row for me.


Get Real With Yourself: Two Simple Tips for Losing Weight

Are you one of the many people who get so overwhelmed trying to decide which diet or exercise program is right for you that you end up spinning in circles, never to make any progress in your weight loss goals? I’ve been there. Look, I’m not a nutrition expert or registered dietitian, but I do have a little bit of common sense. I saw this sign and it spurred me to write this blog.


There have been times when I “believed” I should be in better shape or I “believed” I should incorporate a better diet. The reality is that simply believing in something doesn’t make it happen. Action, however, does. Our behaviors shape our lives, not our beliefs. Behaviors can be difficult to change, especially if you’re caught in a rut of seemingly years of undesirable behaviors.

So here are two super simple tips for losing weight that I try to practice. They are: 1. eat fewer calories and 2. exercise a little more than the previous day.

Maybe you don’t have time to get to the gym or can’t afford some expensive DVD exercise program to watch at home. But I bet you can find a way to do some air squats, push ups and sit ups at home. It’s not neuroscience. If you did zero squats, push ups and sit ups yesterday, but you found a way to do 25 of each today…BOOM! That’s a positive change in behavior.

The same goes for your diet. If today you eat fewer calories than you did yesterday (let’s say you eat your hamburger without the bun as opposed to with the bun like you normally would)…BOOM! That’s a positive change in behavior. Then simply repeat these small, incremental changes day after day to drive new behaviors.

I’d love to hear one or two ways you can incorporate a new exercise or dietary behavior into your life today. Keep it simple, but keep it consistent, and you will see results!

3 Simple Fitness Tips to Improve the Look of Your Mirror

So you want to bring your Sexy Back this summer so you can Rock Your Body? Unlike Justin Timberlake, who will always appear dapper, the window for John and me to bring our sexy back is closing. Our Mirrors don’t lie. But it’s Not A Bad Thing to make a valiant attempt to reinvent ourselves to the days of old prior to having kids. Here are 3 simple fitness tips that have kept us from Crying A River that you can use to fit into your old Suit & Tie.


1. Take Back the Night

Anyone with kids understands how hard it is to work out consistently, especially when they’re home on summer break from school. As much as I don’t like putting off my workout until late in the day, I find it necessary some days to stay consistent with my daily PiYo workout videos. So, instead of just folding the dreaded never-ending pile of laundry or sitting and watching The Bachelorette, I combine the two activities. I reward myself by getting to watch my favorite shows, while folding laundry, after getting my workout in once the kids are in bed.

2. Replacing One Meal a Day With a Shake Is Not A Bad Thing

John and I have seen great gains in our weight loss by replacing one meal a day with a hearty, healthy shake. My favorite is Shakeology’s Chocolate Vegan shake mixed with ice, coconut milk and/or water and a frozen banana. I get it from my Beach Body Coach, Rainer Lowman. John’s favorite protein shake powder is vegan vanilla from About Time.

3. What Goes Around, Goes Around, Goes Around, Comes Back Around

Consistency is key! In my opinion, it almost doesn’t matter what workouts you do or what dietary changes you make. What matters is that you find something you can sustain over a long enough period of time to achieve the results you’re looking for. Most people seek out immediate results because we have been conditioned to expect instant gratification. But let’s be honest, the most effective way to bring your Sexy Back is to set realistic goals and implement nutrition and exercise regimens that you can be consistent with given all your other responsibilities at work and at home. Maybe that means your won’t lose 10lbs in two weeks. Maybe that means you lose 10lbs in 3 months. If that makes more sense for you, then go into it with a realistic approach. As long as you don’t quit and don’t give up the results will come back around.


So get out there and deliver a TKO to your diet and workouts! You could even simply dance to some JT music!

Bye Bye Bye,


Fitness Success Update

Here’s a look at the fitness successes John and I have had recently. It’s so easy to say that kids, physical limitations and life in general keep us from taking care of our minds and bodies through regular exercise. You have to make the conscience decision every day to choose good health over the poor lifestyle decisions of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Join us this summer as we continue to reclaim healthier minds and bodies from the business of life that will no longer rule in our household. Just decide to move and choose better foods today to get started. It’s a one day at a time journey.

Mabry Motivation- February 4th, 2015

mabry motivation

We share inspirational/motivational pictures daily on our Mabry Living Facebook page along with simple healthy recipes and workout ideas.  We hope these post inspire you as much as they do for us.  It’s nice to have constant reminders to think positive!


It doesn’t take much to please me these days. The simplest things like a cup of coffee can make my day…especially if I can drink it without having to reheat it 15x a day! 

IMG_4452There are definite perks to sharing a job with your spouse. While I was inside working as a wellness advocate, John was outside sporting the Baby Bjorn with Sawyer and scooping up dog poop. Glad it was my turn to be off parenting duty! Thanks John for multitasking! 

crossfit 1I’m thinking John had a good cross fit workout today. It appears that he gave his all!

ginger peppers and shrimp
Ginger Pepper and Shrimp
1 bag frozen shrimp from Costco
1 bag of peppers (I only used three for this dish) from Costco
Ginger sauce from Costco
Bag of quinoa/ rice from Costco

-Throw frozen shrimp and sliced peppers into the pot
-Top with 1 cup ginger sauce ( you can more if you prefer)
– Heat over medium heat until everything is cooked
– Heat rice in microwave (follow instructions on the bag)

Put shrimp combo on top of rice and voila! you have a healthy ginger pepper shrimp dinner! I like to add more ginger sauce on top of my served dish

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Who’s Going to Win the Mabry’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge, John or Sarah?

It’s safe to say that most people are not at their ideal level of fitness or weight, and we are not exceptions. So we are publicly announcing our specific goals for the next 60-days and hope you will join in with us to meet some of your health and nutrition goals.

Sarah will be using Beachbody’s PiYo DVD series as her daily guide. Given John’s physical limitations with just having had surgery and not being able to wear his prosthetic leg at all during this time frame, he is going to adapt workouts based on how his body feels each day.

Sarah’s Goals:

  • Restore total self-confidence
  • Regain vibrancy she had prior to having her third child just 10-weeks ago
  • Lose the remaining 12-14 lbs of baby weight

John’s Goals:

  • Limit or stop eating unhealthy amounts of sugar at night
  • Lose 5-7 lbs of fat
  • Bench press 205 lbs
  • Have defined 5-pack (that’s right, 5-pack. John had one of his ab muscles removed in a medical procedure in 2001)

If you were going to pick one or two health-related goals to make over the next 60-days, what would they be? If you tell us what they are we’ll help support and encourage you to hit them.  If you don’t let us know what they are we can’t help you. So come on, leave a comment right now for at least one goal you’d like to carry out in term of health, fitness or nutrition in the next two months! Let’s have some fun with this!

John & Sarah