Our shelter dogs rescued us


In celebration of National Dog Day we wanted to share a short bit about our pride and joys with you. Nope, they’re not Snots from the movie Christmas Vacation, but they’re not too far off.

Although Cubbie (white) and Finley (brown) were adopted, we like to think that they rescued us, not the other way around. They picked us out of the litter of possible owners because they’re as unique as our family – they are both amputees. Cubbie was born with a birth defect to his left front paws. Finley had one of his rear legs amputated when he was 8 years old after his original owner let a severely broken bone get too infected. Given John’s leg amputation, we knew they fit perfectly into the Mabry family circus. We couldn’t imagine our family without them.

The thing about many rescue dogs like these is that they are so appreciative of being welcomed into a loving home. Ok, maybe they don’t relish the fact that baby Sawyer pulls at their fur or takes mom and dad’s attention away from them, but at least she’s good at dropping expensive, organic food on the floor from her high chair that she doesn’t want to eat.

IMG_1794              fin3

I consider Cubbie and Finley my therapy buddies. I can’t tell you how many times they have been there for me, to support me emotionally, when I was sad, worried or depressed. They are more effective than any antidepressant I could ever take. So go out and let a dog rescue you today!

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Cubbie, the world’s greatest therapy dog who makes the most annoying sound in the world!

Meet Cubbie Mabry in this heart touching video! Cubbie came into the world a disabled pup with a deformed front paw. Then he was relentlessly beaten and neglected by his original owner. Cubbie was plucked up off the streets of San Diego and was 4 hours away from being put to sleep.

We rescued him in 2004 when we saw he had a disabled paw that he could barely use. With me being an amputee, he fit right in with us. Some of his “cute” characteristics are that Cubbie has separation anxiety disorder, he doesn’t understand personal space, cannot be more than 10 feet from Sarah or his separation anxiety kicks in and he breaks out into “the most annoying sound in the world” (you’ll see what we mean at the end of the video).

Of all that this boy has been through he selflessly gives his heart to whoever will accept him. He’s the best “therapy buddy” you’ll ever meet and he is loved to death in the Mabry home!