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Meet the Mabry’s

Mabry Living Family Pic  Mabry Living 4th of July

Hi, I’m Sarah Mabry and here is my family. We are so glad you stopped by our little creative corner of the web!

On the surface we may look like an ordinary suburban family who has it all together. Hang out with us for just a little bit and you’ll see we are anything but ordinary and we certainly do not have it all together. Check out our family journal and our entertaining original videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

John and I started Mabry Living out of a necessity to express ourselves in the midst of the wreckage our lives had become. We have dealt with John losing his leg while witnessing one of his friends die in a car accident, John finding his brother following an unexpected death, alcoholism, addiction, mental health issues, job losses, rehab centers, PTSD, chronic pain and a marriage that has barely survived it all. We had reached our breaking point. We couldn’t keep pretending that everything was okay. We needed a way to bring even just a little light into the darkness that was overtaking our family.

For no other reason than to make ourselves laugh, we made a few silly videos and wrote a few blog posts. It was so freeing to let go, if even for a brief moment, of caring what other people were thinking and saying about us. So, we kept coming up with more original content.

Mabry Living has turned into our family’s living journal. It allows us to express our off-the-wall sense of humor and quirky “no way that just happened!” stories to balance out the turmoil in our lives. Here you’ll find tidbits of motivation, common sense advice on improving physical and emotional health, spiritual development, as well as a few of my arts and crafts and creative activities we do that promote quality family time together.

Let me introduce you to everyone…

Our family consists of my husband, John, our three crazy kids – Larson, Austin and Sawyer – and our two three legged dogs, Cubbie and Finley. What makes our family different is that we try to remain transparent and true to ourselves while simply sharing our truth. We are an extremely creative bunch who is unrefined, yet encouraging and passionate about making the best of what life has handed us.


Here’s a little more about me:

I’m a small town girl from the farmlands of the Midwest.  My summers were spent on the sands of Lake Michigan at Bethany Beach in the tiny lakeside town of Sawyer, MI; it is a place I hold dear to my heart. My dream since I was four was simple: to get married and settle down in a family-friendly community to raise three kids.  God has blessed me with being a devoted housewife and attentive mother to our three children here in Nashville, TN.

Growing up in a family of six, I guess you could say I was the odd, artsy-fartsy one.  I asked my family how they would describe me and this is what they said:

My Dad: Sarah’s like Lucile Ball.  She marches to the beat of her own drum, sees the humor in life, and is a little naïve.  She is also brave, sturdy, insightful, and a spiritual guide.

My Mom: She’s intuitive, creative, artistic, smart, caring, and loves dogs (especially three-legged ones)

My Sister Katie: My sister is beautiful inside and out, wise, resilient, and a straight up clown

My Brother Mark: She’s humorous, a gentle spirit, calm, and passionate

My Sister Melissa: Sarah’s creative, quirky, and caring; she wears her heart on her sleeve

My Husband John: My beautiful wife is a creative crafter in the home and the kitchen. I admire how she sees the world through an angelic, spiritual lens that God has gifted her with. She’s very witty, stubborn, LOVES nature, and is a realist who sees life for what it truly is – a gift to be shared – while valuing God and family above everything else.

Thanks for following us on our journey. Head over to our blog and videos to be thoroughly entertained and encouraged alongside one of the most unique families you’ve met in a while.



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