Daddy on TV

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It’s so fun for the kids to watch Daddy on tv this morning while getting ready for school! Here’s what the news anchor, A.J. Hilton said to John’s company’s PR Director following the interview, “I cannot thank you enough for helping us set up an interview with John Mabry. His message…is SO IMPORTANT right now. If we can help ONE person get help– we’ve done our job.” Great job, John!


John’s national interview

Drug overdose deaths more common in suburbs than inner cities, rural areas

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DENVER – The opioid epidemic President Donald Trump has vowed to fight is hitting suburbia the hardest, according to a new study by County Health Rankings.

The data shows overdose deaths in the suburban areas of large metros are now outpacing all other communities.

Some call it a “silent” epidemic.

John Mabry is a strategic partnership manager for Addiction Campuses – the rehab network that helped him start his longest sobriety streak, currently at 15 months.

Mabry, who is married and has three kids, struggled with an addiction to painkillers and alcohol for years after a serious car crash in college.

“I never thought that would be me,” Mabry said from Addiction Campuses’ Nashville headquarters. “I always thought it was a homeless person or someone living under the bridge. Reality is I am an alcoholic or addict and people like me are struggling just as much and even worse.”

Mabry says families in the suburbs often don’t talk about addiction because it is an uncomfortable topic, and they have better access to health care and insurance to start taking opioids.

“It’s a conversation we haven’t been willing to have out in the suburbs and the part of town I grew up in,” Mabry said.

County Health Rankings’ study shows overall “premature” deaths from all causes have risen steadily and sharply since 2012 after years of major declines.

The most dramatic increase in premature deaths are from drug overdoses.

Mabry says his own brother died from an overdose.

He says the most important thing he can do is have an open and honest conversation with his young kids about how dangerous addiction is.

Mabry says drug dealers are now moving to the suburbs from the city because they’re finding more clients.

Addiction Campuses has a 24/7 hotline for anyone needing help across the country at (888) 614-2251.

There’s Only One Direction to Treat Sarah’s Zayn Pain Disorder

This morning I found out some devastating news concerning my health. I am one of the first in Tennessee to be diagnosed with the worldwide outbreak of Zayn Pain Disorder (ZPD). My symptoms of ZPD started with the announcement that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction and include hysterical crying, vomiting, pulling my hair out and long periods of deep depression. The video explains everything. We are accepting free meals if you feel called to help. Thank you for supporting me and my family during this difficult time.

Mabry’s featured in new commercial

Check out the commercial we are featured in as part of the new ad campaign, for Williamson Medical Center. It will be airing in the greater Nashville markets during Tennessee Titans games, The Voice, and networks such as SEC Network HGTV, History and others.

Also featured in the commercial is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Duane Eddy.

What did you think of Season 3 of TNT’s “Dallas”? Be a part of Season 4 by voting now

Click the link below and let your voice be heard if you want to see a Season 4 of Dallas!


My cousin, Josh Henderson, plays John Ross Ewing, Jr. on TNT’s Dallas, which just ended its third season with some unbelievable cliffhangers. Have YOU filled out the Season 3 survey yet? Let TNT know what you love, what you didn’t, what you want to see more or less of, who your favorite characters are…TELL THEM WE NEED A SEASON 4!….. what are you waiting for? 

Behind the scenes look into our upcoming commercial

We were recently picked to be the featured family for Williamson Medical Center’s new TV commercial to begin airing in October. They said they wanted a “real” family to share their real experiences utilizing the hospital’s services. We have had amazing experiences every time we have been there (for Austin and Sawyer’s birth and my broken arm) so were happy to be a part of the project.

Director Peter Zavadil wanted to film us in a natural way, with the kids doing whatever they would naturally do in a typical TV interview setting. So that’s what he got – the Mabry’s just doing our thing.

Here are some behind-the-scene pictures from today’s filming…

                               Larson going through hair and makeup


This was early in the shoot when the kids were behaving themselves.


Larson’s antics began first. Soon after Austin was found w/ both hands in his pants.





Sawyer checked her inhibitions at the door, apparently.


Big brothers loving on their little sister.


On a cool side note…the Director, Peter Zavadil, is renowned for his work directing music videos for Country music’s biggest stars over the past 20 years including: Billy Ray Cyrus, Reba, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and Brad Paisley to name drop a few. Peter also directed Florida Georgia Line’s video “Stay.” Ironically, my cousin Josh Henderson – who currently plays John Ross on TNT’s series Dallas – was the lead actor in the video. Peter thought it was cool that he had worked with my cousin not too long ago. Small world, huh?

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the MABRY LIVING YouTube Channel to see some of our off-the-wall antics at home in our reality videos and to be notified for updates when the commercial begins airing.