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These Owl Rice Krispies Treats Are A Hoot!

It’s that time of year again when I get to make one of my most popular desserts – Rice Krispies Owl Treats – for Larson’s upcoming elementary school fundraiser, Hoot, Scoot & Boogie. Oak View Elementary School’s mascot is an owl so people absolutely love these tasty, creative treats. The best part about them is that they’re super easy to make, so I thought I’d post a how-to so you can make them. Be sure to check out the short video at the bottom that shows the behind-the-scenes on how these were really made.img_8446

Step 1: Buy individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats (or make a pan of your own and cut them into rectangles). I bought the big box of 54 bars from Costco.

Step 2: Mold into an owl shape by pressing in the sides to form the head and pressing down on the top to make the ears.

Step 3: Melt your favorite chocolate chips in a saucepan on the stove. Spread onto the surface of the owls. Another option to simplify this step even further is to spread store bought icing on the owl.  I have used white frosting before and it looks great!

Step 4: The is the fun part – DECORATE WITH CANDY!IMG_8445

Eyes: I use Gummy Lifesavers and then purchased “Candy Eyes Treat Toppers” from Hobby Lobby. Be sure to print out or pull up their 40% discount coupon on your phone before going into the store. When I went my phone could not access the coupon inside the store. I don’t know if they have a block on it or something. I was able to pull it up from the parking lot, though.

Wings: Place one Candy Corn on each side below the eyes.

Nose & Feet: Simply place Reese’s Pieces or m&ms standing up vertically where the nose and feet would be. 

Voila! Now serve and enjoy!


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