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God made a mistake making me

I am convinced that God made a mistake. He should have made me a 1950’s housewife. I have always moved at a slower pace than most. When I was a kid my family would call me Pokey-hontas (pun for a slow moving Pocahontas) because I was always lagging behind. This fast-paced, instant gratification world lived out through iPhones has been getting the best of me lately. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t communicate with people face-to-face as often, I feel depressed and isolated and I ignore my kids. It seems that every attempt I make to limit the use of my phone seems to fail. Its power of convenience and distract-ability is too great. Here is my best attempt to come clean about this problem I deal with all day, every day. And what’s at the heart of this issue for me might surprise you.

I am coming up on my 2nd anniversary of having an iPhone. I believe I was a better person without it. I despise the person I have become since becoming an iPhone prisoner…I mean user. To me, it’s like an inescapable black hole that pulls me into the virtual world and sucks my soul, and sanity, right out of my body. Way back in 2013 I used to carry a separate digital camera, a paper daily planner and a simple flip phone in my purse. Everything else that required the internet (Amazon, Facebook, GPS, etc.) was done on the computer when I was at home. I did not have the option of staring at my phone when I was in public unless I really just felt like staring at a basic cell phone. Life was simpler and more enjoyable for me then.

One of the biggest problems I have with the extreme convenience of my phone is what I am modeling to my kids. It is a daily struggle to stay present in meeting their basic needs of the undivided love and attention they deserve. When they see me staring at my phone so much, is it any wonder that they constantly ask to play on my phone, the iPad or watch TV? I don’t purposely do this but EVERYTHING is on this tiny device that fits in my pocket.

For example:

Need to take a picture?…on the phone

Need a recipe for dinner?…on the phone

Synced family calendars?…on the phone




Photo albums?…phone

Weather?…on the phone

As I write this I am realizing that a big part of the problem is my own fault. If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I don’t have to look at Facebook and Instagram as much as I do. I don’t have to look at People.com or research useless facts about questions that randomly pop into my head. But there is this part of me that appreciates the distraction it creates from the day-to-day grind of life. You know what I’m talking about! It’s this struggle of wanting to limit the over-reliance of the technology while feeling the need to indulge in it that eats at me so much. I realize how ironic it is that I utilize these head-spinning technologies to write and promote my blogs. I get that I wouldn’t be able to share my thoughts, feelings and photos with you without it. So I’m not saying that all technology is bad. It needs to be used in a balanced matter, though.

I know God doesn’t make mistakes. I’m the one who makes mistakes. If I choose to turn my phone into my god I am the one who suffers. He created me at the perfect time to use me for His good. Heck, maybe he made me specifically to write this blog to call attention to you that you have a choice, too, in who and what you poor your attention in to. And if that’s not the case…hit me up on my accounts at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and email if you know of a time machine app that could transport me back to the 1950’s. I think Lucille Ball and I would be great coworkers on the I Love Lucy show.

If you liked this blog you will love this short video clip!

No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Matthew 6:24


4 thoughts on “God made a mistake making me

  1. As I read your blog ON MY PHONE… Sheesh! Great reminder 😊. I deleted FB last wk for some of those reasons. Proud of you guys!! Cute video too! Love Jamie

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Good for you, Jamie! I’ve deleted FB off my phone on a few occasions to “cleanse.” I’d say that I hope you stay connected with us through Mabry Living’s FB page, but that would kind of counter the purpose of our blog, wouldn’t it? 🙂 As long as you’re balanced with technology you’d be good to go to follow us 🙂 Blessings!


  2. When I got divorced I got rid of facebook completely. Now I email pictures of my kids to my family and friends with personal messages, in private. and we talk on the phone or send nice long emails. It is so nice. And I got rid of my cell phone. yup! People are forced to call me and find me in the places/times they said they would. No last minute changes in plans. I am not on-call 24/hrs a day. No distractions. No texting. I know the world doesn’t move at that pace anymore and when my kids get older I will likely have to cave and get a new cell phone, but for right now, my slow-motion life is wonderful. And I am teaching my kids the value of face-to-face time, making plans and sticking to them, and how life doesn’t have to be instant.


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