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Get Real With Yourself: Two Simple Tips for Losing Weight

Are you one of the many people who get so overwhelmed trying to decide which diet or exercise program is right for you that you end up spinning in circles, never to make any progress in your weight loss goals? I’ve been there. Look, I’m not a nutrition expert or registered dietitian, but I do have a little bit of common sense. I saw this sign and it spurred me to write this blog.


There have been times when I “believed” I should be in better shape or I “believed” I should incorporate a better diet. The reality is that simply believing in something doesn’t make it happen. Action, however, does. Our behaviors shape our lives, not our beliefs. Behaviors can be difficult to change, especially if you’re caught in a rut of seemingly years of undesirable behaviors.

So here are two super simple tips for losing weight that I try to practice. They are: 1. eat fewer calories and 2. exercise a little more than the previous day.

Maybe you don’t have time to get to the gym or can’t afford some expensive DVD exercise program to watch at home. But I bet you can find a way to do some air squats, push ups and sit ups at home. It’s not neuroscience. If you did zero squats, push ups and sit ups yesterday, but you found a way to do 25 of each today…BOOM! That’s a positive change in behavior.

The same goes for your diet. If today you eat fewer calories than you did yesterday (let’s say you eat your hamburger without the bun as opposed to with the bun like you normally would)…BOOM! That’s a positive change in behavior. Then simply repeat these small, incremental changes day after day to drive new behaviors.

I’d love to hear one or two ways you can incorporate a new exercise or dietary behavior into your life today. Keep it simple, but keep it consistent, and you will see results!


2 thoughts on “Get Real With Yourself: Two Simple Tips for Losing Weight

  1. I put a full glass of water on my desk every morning. When it is empty I fill it up and repeat. It forces me to drink the water, it forces me to get up from my computer to get water, and to pee. It makes me more full, so I snack less. It stops me from drinking coffee or tea all day long b/c someone made it in the lunch room. It is simple. It works.


  2. My biggest action/ behavior change has been letting go of eating at night. I realized that I did this because of stress, and when I had my favorite snack foods available (anything with chocolate), I was going to eat it. Removing it from the house (and not bringing any more in) has been the best thing I’ve done for my fitness in a long time!


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