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Take the Ultimate Gratitude Challenge

We are all familiar with the insanely successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $95 million last year. Like giving money, the expression of gratitude from one person to another has profound benefits on both the giver and receiver, while injecting more love into the world as a whole. We are all guilty of talking bad about people around us, whether it is a coworker, someone on the PTA or on our kids’ sport team, someone we went to school with or, a lot of times, it’s the people we live with and our immediate family that we bash the most. So, in the spirit of the Ice Bucket Challenge we are launching the Mabry Living Ultimate Gratitude Challenge to help lift people up and spread more love into this broken world!

Here’s how the Ultimate Gratitude Challenge works:

1. Think of one or more people who have made a positive impact in your life

2. Write down or shoot a short video clip thanking that person(s) for what they have done for you

3. Post it on social media and tag them in the post

4. Whoever you call out is required to pay it forward by doing the same thing to someone else

5. Lastly, tag Mabry Living in your post after you LIKE our Facebook page



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