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Find out the new hot trend for Planters and Pots this Spring by Austin.

Ever spring I always try to find ways to make my planters and pots more beautiful than the year before.  I have searched Pinterest for several creative ideas and I have to say I have found some great looking planter photographs.  However, nothing looked like the hot new trend that is rocking the Mabry’s deck this season as of today.

A few years ago I was told by a neighbor that it is better to wait to plant anything until after tax season due to the threat of a freeze rolling through Tennessee.  Often times, I glance at my pathetic looking pots that consist of last Fall’s dead flowers and a lot of soil and I cringe.  I am especially embarrassed of our front door planter, as it is the first thing that greets our guests.  Luckily, I can cover most of the emptiness up with holiday or garden decor depending on the time of year.  Right now I have a cute new Easter sign with some marbled eggs nesting in the dirt.  As I was laying down today, trying to squeeze in a quick nap, I realized I only have a little more than two weeks until I can take action and pretend to be a talented gardener.   Yippie!


My brief nap was interrupted (did I seriously think I was going to be successful at napping?) by the sweet loud whinny sound of our teething daughter.  I rolled out of bed and made my way across the house to check on her since she was only down for about 20 minutes.  On my way to her nursery, I was greeted with a large amount of dirt sprinkled across my wood floors and found Sawyer’s nursery door wide open and her lights on much to my surprise.  WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD HAVE HAPPENED IN THE TEN MINUTES I WAS LYING DOWN?!?

Little did I know that while I was resting, Austin was performing a Random Act of Kindness for his own mother!  He thought it would be a wonderful idea to take care of my planters for me so I didn’t have to cringe at them for two more weeks.  He was also sweet enough to wake up the teething tired baby Sawyer so I could have some more precious mommy time with her.  Austin must have read my mind while I was relaxing in my nice quiet clean bedroom all alone!

Many of you might not know that the above picture is the new trend for Spring 2015.  Forget the plants and flowers and save some money this year.  Take your dirt, throw it everywhere inside and outside to complete the polished look above.  If you feel like being as generous as Austin, consider doing this trend as a Random Act of Kindness for a neighbor.    You might even think about letting them borrow a sleep deprived teething/snotty baby for a while.  Nothing says ‘I care about you’ more than the two random gifts I received today.  Thank you, sweet Austin!


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