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Mabry Motivation- February 4th, 2015

mabry motivation

We share inspirational/motivational pictures daily on our Mabry Living Facebook page along with simple healthy recipes and workout ideas.  We hope these post inspire you as much as they do for us.  It’s nice to have constant reminders to think positive!


It doesn’t take much to please me these days. The simplest things like a cup of coffee can make my day…especially if I can drink it without having to reheat it 15x a day! 

IMG_4452There are definite perks to sharing a job with your spouse. While I was inside working as a wellness advocate, John was outside sporting the Baby Bjorn with Sawyer and scooping up dog poop. Glad it was my turn to be off parenting duty! Thanks John for multitasking! 

crossfit 1I’m thinking John had a good cross fit workout today. It appears that he gave his all!

ginger peppers and shrimp
Ginger Pepper and Shrimp
1 bag frozen shrimp from Costco
1 bag of peppers (I only used three for this dish) from Costco
Ginger sauce from Costco
Bag of quinoa/ rice from Costco

-Throw frozen shrimp and sliced peppers into the pot
-Top with 1 cup ginger sauce ( you can more if you prefer)
– Heat over medium heat until everything is cooked
– Heat rice in microwave (follow instructions on the bag)

Put shrimp combo on top of rice and voila! you have a healthy ginger pepper shrimp dinner! I like to add more ginger sauce on top of my served dish

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