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Smiles are contagious, but so is negativity: A mother’s perspective on the chaos of kids

Yesterday was one of “those” days!

Baby Sawyer woke up with a runny nose and was whiny, the boys didn’t like anything I offered to make them for breakfast, the darn cat (that I am not a fan of) insisted on being let out of the house just to come right back inside and one of the dogs was dry heaving right beside as he followed me around ALL DAY LONG! All the while I was walking around the house like a washed up frumpy old maid wearing reindeer pajamas with a messy pony tail on top of my head balancing Sawyer (aka Soybean) on my hip while she wiped her snot on my sleeve. Most of our mornings these days aren’t too different but this one definitely stood out. It was the last day of Christmas break and I think we were all VERY ready to get back to our normal schedule.

The daSawyer in Bjorny continued to be very demanding and often times frustrating. All I wanted to do was get out of my reindeer pj’s, brush my hair, and brush my teeth. Was I being unrealistic? I didn’t think so. “Soybean” had decided that she didn’t want to nap and she didn’t want to sit on the ground or the high chair or the jumper or the walker, or anywhere else I tried setting her. She was only happy if she was in the baby Bjorn carrier strapped to my chest. Having a baby attached to me made it hard to feel productive and I found myself feeling constantly annoyed and frustrated. That is until I would look down and see the sweetest little blue eyes and big gummy smile staring up at me. That smile sure helped me shift my mindset of negativity and put an immediate smile across my face.

The day continued as earlier with the dry heaving dog leaving piles of spit up randomly placed throughout the house. The dry heaving sound is like nails on a chalkboard for me and I couldn’t get away from it because Cubbie follows me EVERYWHERE! We call it the most annoying sound in the world. Between the heaving and the whiny baby I couldn’t help but watch the clock tick away with each minute getting closer to the kids’ bedtime…and my free time! “The Bachelor” season premier was going to be on and I couldn’t help but dream of being engulfed in the warm couch and watching one of MY shows…not the kids’ cartoons or John’s sports.

John and I got all three kids in their beds by 7:30 pm and I made my way out to the nice cozy green couch and plopped down to watch my show. I had to go to the DVR to find my recording since I was already 30 minutes late. I found it and pushed play. Ahhhhhh. Deep breath.

Not two minutes into the show Austin comes out to tell me that Larson was bleeding. Larson came shuffling in right behind Austin and had a wad of bloody Kleenex shoved in his mouth. In my mind I was thinking “Are you kidding me?!? What could have happened in in two minutes while he was laying in his bed reading books that would make him look like he had just gotten into a fight?”

Through his tears Larson mumbled that his top front tooth was about to fall out. This softened my selfish outlook. John and I got him settled in our bed and I let john take a look at the tooth since it gives me the heeby geebies looking at it dangling from a thread. John said that Larson is not allowed to go to bed without getting that tooth out first. Of course, I was still selfishly thinking. “Oh great, here goes my Bachelor night.”

I tried to sneak out of the bedroom and back to my show. I pushed play and made it all the way to minute 7 before Larson came out and told us he had lost the tooth. I hit pause on the remote and look up to see Larson with the biggest proudest gap-filled smile. His gleaming smile made me smile and my heart shine.Larson's All Smiles

I told him to go get his tooth so we could put it in the special Tooth Fairy pillow we have. A few minutes later I found him frantically searching the chair in our bedroom where he was laying earlier. He said he literally lost the tooth. So he wrote the Tooth Fairy a note at 9:30 pm explaining what happened (see picture below). We set the note by the pillow and he finally drifted off to sleep.

I was able to finish watching my entire show after a long day. Even though it was a redundant day of annoying noises and feelings of being unproductive, I am thankful that my kiddos have the ability to still put a smile on my face, even through the chaos. Once my show was over it was time for me to drift off to sleep with a heart of gratitude.

Luckily, the next day we found the tooth wedged in the filthy carpet near the chair where Larson was laying. After finding it Larson innocently wrote a second note asking the Tooth Fairy for another dollar. Smart kid. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Here are the sweet notes Larson wrote with the Tooth Fairy’s responses on them.




I hope this made you smile today. Remember that smiles are contagious, but so is negativity and a poor attitude. Now go out and smile at everyone you see the rest of the day because you never know what chaos someone else might be going through.

– Sarah Mabry


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