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Meet Finley, the happiest three-legged dog in town

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to another one of the unique characters in MABRY LIVING’s Reality Video Series…FINLEY!

Finley is a Pomeranian mix who was rescued from Willie’s Happy Endings Senior & Special Needs Animal Rescue in 2012 with a severely fractured right rear femur that had healed so poorly over time without treatment that he needed to have his leg amputated. We adopted this fluffy ball of happiness a few months later. He fit perfectly into our family, considering that we already have a three-legged white Pomeranian, Cubbie and since John has an amputated leg as well.

At any given time Finley can be found doing three things: smiling, sleeping and eating. He is always in a good mood and willing to jump up in your lap to comfort you. The cute thing is that he can’t jump since he’s missing a hind leg. So he requires a little extra attention in getting himself up on the couch or bed.

His other two big personality traits are reminiscent of a lazy college football player who is in a fraternity – who sleeps often and late and is constantly eating and farting.  Who needs a robotic vacuum cleaner when you have a Finley? He’s proud to always be on duty as he scours the kitchen and dining room looking for any scraps to chow on. Trying to manage his weight when exercising is difficult is an ongoing challenge for this stout fellow.

Finley is currently single, enjoys sleeping and eating and is always looking for a good time. If you have any female pets looking for a dashing, washed-up, middle-aged disabled dog, search no further than Finley Mabry!


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