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Welcome to MABRY LIVING!


MABRY LIVING is a set of simple lifestyle beliefs lived out by us, John and Sarah Mabry, and our three kids and pets. Our quirkiness and unconventional approach to life made it difficult to survive in today’s corporate-driven, over-stimulated society. So we abandoned the idea that we would ever be a “normal” family and embraced living life outside the box.

Follow our journey through the MABRY LIVING Reality Series, as we give you an inside look into our unorthodox approach to life that defies what a “normal” family in today’s society looks like. We hope to inspire others to take a more realistic, simpler approach to life in today’s chaotic world. We’ll show you how we thrive raising three kids while working from home. We will offer tidbits of motivation that you can easily incorporate into your busy life.

Additionally, you will see us empower people and families like yourself who struggle with chronic physical and emotional concerns to better their lives by implementing simple lifestyle changes, along with the use of doTERRA Essential Oils, to establish a balanced lifestyle in their health, relationships & finances.

Get ready to explore life more fully, laugh and learn alongside one of the most real and unique families in America.


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